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Since 1998, Lien Lawn Services & Landscaping has been providing beautiful lawns and irrigation systems to the Lexington, NE area. Your lawn is just as much a part of your home as your house, so it should be just as inviting! You can start fresh with new, locally grown sod or we can lay down hydroseeding to boost the grass you already have. And a custom sprinkler system will keep your lawn looking great through those hot summer months. The dry summer months can wreak havoc on your beautiful lawn. Avoid that with a customized irrigation system! Save yourself time and energy from watering your lawn the old-fashioned way. Having a proper sprinkler system can actually save money and the environment by regulating when and how much water your lawn gets! With easy-to-manage control systems from Weathermatic, you will be able to set it to water your lawn exactly how much it needs and not a drop more. When you pull up to your house after a long day, wouldn't you like it to be framed with a lush, healthy lawn? If it isn't already, let the experts at Lien Lawn Services & Landscaping help. The lawn that surrounds your house can have an effect on its property value. Make sure your home is valued for every penny it's worth by keeping the yard looking fresh and healthy. Whether you are trying to sell your house or still have years to enjoy it, your yard should look just as beautiful as the home you've built.

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